Exalta, is a proprietary name since 2009 under ‘Insparc Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’. A leading solar product company with solitary focus on optimization and efficient utilization of abundant solar energy . We specialise in solar product manufacturing, supply and consultation along with installation and maintainance support. As being said the crackerjacks, we proffer variety of products and services from solar based products to health, infrastructure, telecom, robotics and aviation industry solution.With 10 years of proficiency we have reached a state where Exalta has became a one stop solution for all varieties of solar products with the help of our well versed human resource, from domain experts and leaders to customer support team backened by research and development(R & D) and advisors from IITs. The constant growth has become the evidence. In last few years, we made many states blessed with solar solutions, having 20 branches all over the India and we are persistently working towards covering the globe and innovate new approach for manufacturing. The worldwide dilemma (Global Warming) can be solved through making the utilization of natural gift and minimizing the use of toxicants. Exalta call it a success as we are capable of meeting the major environmental challenges . Our popular statement express our immense respect towards society, “Our technologies, your tomororrow”.

"Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority."
~ Bill Gates


The world today is the mannequin of enlightenment, courage, commitment, determination, guts and hard-work, but they lack behind in giving up their luxurious want at the end. Exalta came up with a solution which help people in gratification luxury which cause no sabotage to the environment but rather taken from the environment. Exalta is an identity (trademark) under Insparc Technologies Pvt. Limited provides solar based products,health, infrastructure, telecom, robotics and aviation industries solutions. We started in the year 2005, that was when we were known as ‘Ensparc’, we were Bangalore based company and used to deal in digital consumer electronic world. Later on, we proliferate our work to Delhi, Lucknow and Hyderabad.

To fulfil the escalate demand of embedded systems; ‘Insparc Embedded & Robotics Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (IERAIL) was formed, till then the company got baptized (renamed) by ‘Insparc’. We dispense 200 heterogeneity of products, considering the need of folks. We hand-over quality products/services on time and everything is taken well cared by our experts. We became the acknowledged brand soon after procuring sober years in the industry. we took few steps ahead and dilated our specialisation.


One can only achieve something when learning and improving becomes a cynosure, we did exactly the same. The ups and downs in our journey taught us life-time lessons and we learn every day from them. The struggle behind the achievement was real, we will continue to do ‘Nishkam karma’ because we aim at improving the life of people.

Here are the Achievements:

  • ● Executed India’s only Model Solar Village in Odisha.

  • ● Executed India’s largest Mini-Grid Solar project in Jharkhand.

  • ● Apart from Institutions (Government/Semi-Government/Corporate/Education), we have also worked with more than1,000 Residential household clients, through our Retail Operations.

  • ● Conference Attended by Government/Corporate professionals to promote solar power.

  • ● Received Support Letters from Hon’ble President of India, ExcellencyMr. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble Prime Minster of India, Mr. Narendra Modi & Hon’ble Minister of Ministry of Newand Renewable Energy, Mr. Piyush Goyal.

  • ● National R&D recognition to present research paper on “Mind Blocking Mechanism-a biometric forces” HBTI Kanpur.

  • ● New technology Innovation in INVENT TECH,Coral Gables, FL, USA.

  • ● Traffic to electricity generation model for new renewable technology sources grant from trust.

  • ● Reached over 20,000 customers via training, retail programs and products.


Compulsive actions with clear intension let us work in a similar direction. We are either busy creating spaced out solution or on the pilgrimage to find a single spot which is not blessed with our solar based products. Brownie point to each member for contributing their best in turning the dream of Exalta into an evident reality.We are not a team but a family, helping one another in an expedition of making the world cleaner and greener.


We are a solar energy-based company endeavouring to provide organic solution for each thing. Usage of natural resources is a tool for development of individual, community and the nation. We try to make the world, a healthier place to live in. Making our services reachable to the world is what we try to achieve. We think ahead of time and make a healthy customer relation and give on-time delivery, which predominantly comes under our values. Trust, loyalty, contamination- free, quality and efficient utilization of natural resource (Sun) is all we keep as the base. We do not trade-off with the genuine properties and time delivery. The mission and vision of Exalta is clear: Providing solar solution to every feasible thing and unfurl it throughout the globe by respecting the values of our people.


Since we have been reigning in this industry for last many years, endearment from sapiens become just a thing. A proper recognition from jurisprudence is also significant. We do not affirm that we are the unrivalled company; we rather give a legal authentication.Making the big commitment is the simplest task but being recognised by the world with a proper tag is not many have achieved. Exalta is proud to announce that with our dedication, pure intentions and hard work, we gained this prestigious position that made us different and reliable company. Here are the Accreditations which we have gained:

  • ISO9001: Our solar air conditioning and refrigeration systems headquarters and factory is ISO9001 approved.