Oxy Neuron India is a startup incubated at SIIC (Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre) of IIT Kanpur with triumphant innovations of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen-based original indigenous medical and agricultural products. The founder of Oxy Neuron, Mr Ashutosh Verma, over a span of 14 years, has worked with various government and non-government agencies across industries like Hydro Science, Cyber Security, Clean Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Forensics and more. As a clean energy scientist and researcher, he has worked extensively on oxygen and hydrogen. Oxy Neuron India is also conferring with government bodies and hospitals concerning the supply of oxygen devices and plants.

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We Are Known For Energy Saving Electronics Product With Focused On Quality & Durability 

We Delivered Product  & Home Services All Over India Just Call Or E-mail Us :



We Delivered Product  & Home Services All Over India Just Call Or E-mail Us :



Ashutosh Verma wanted to build a solar air conditioner since he was in high school. He says, “We used to have only one AC at home and my parents would often discourage me from running it for longer hours because of the amount of electricity it consumed. This led me to look for a solution.” Ashutosh says he would often go to cyber cafes and search on the internet about solutions to his predicament. This is how he came across the idea of solar air conditioner. But coming from a working class background, he couldn’t immediately think of diving into entrepreneurship and had to toil his way up. 

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