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Oxy Neuron India is a startup incubated at SIIC (Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre) of IIT Kanpur  with triumphant innovations of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen-based original indigenous medical and agricultural products. The founder of Oxy Neuron, Mr Ashutosh Verma, over a span of 14 years, has worked with various government and non-government agencies across industries like Hydro Science, Cyber Security, Clean Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Forensics and more. As a clean energy scientist and researcher, he has worked extensively on oxygen and hydrogen. Oxy Neuron India is also conferring with government bodies and hospitals concerning the supply of oxygen devices and plants.


Founder of Oxy Neuron, ER  Ashutosh Verma, added, "The Lipon Inverter  is a new andinnovative device which help to store electricity and reduce carbon footprint at astronomical levels. Such innovations are the need of the hour especially for rural India which need much of attention. The magic inverter is expected to solve the issue of electricity backup in rural India. This is capable of revolutionizing the industry in the future ahead. Government’s support to start-ups and such innovations are a boost for our start-ups to grow and develop with more and more innovative products which are of big help for the masses at large. "


Vikash Prakashfrom IIT, Kanpur's SIIC, mentioned, “We are enthralled to be a part of such innovation which are on the way to revamp and develop the new phase to the rural India especially. It was a journey worth remembering full of life time experience and long work hours with some of the finest brains involved in the development of magic inverter.”


smart innovation for smart rural and smart cities by exalta -oxyneuron

Incubated atSIIC, IIT Kanpur



14th November 2021, Noida:Oxy Neuron India pvt ltd , astartup incubated at SIIC,IIT Kanpurhas launched“Magic Box smart Lithium wall mount portable  Inverter” with new way of energy backup solution  .


The occasion was graced with the presence of Honourable MSME Minister of State, Sh.BhanuPratap Singh Verma..


Magic Box smart Inverteris a revolutionary invention for times of power cuts and blackouts as an advanced level of inverter for both residential. After multiple iterations of testing and refining the base design, the teams have built the final product The feature include-


  • 94% more Efficientin comparision of market transformer based available inverters .
  • Home Automation/IOT on single mobile App no other device need.
  • Power ,volt,ampere report on Mobile (optional)
  • Fully pure copper used .
  • 15 Year Battery Life ,5year replacable guarantee
  • Can be used as a ev charging station.
  • Lipo4 inbuilt batteries with high quality cells.
  • Sleek and Presentable
  • International connectors
  • Solar charging avaiable
  • Portable ,you can carry in car .
  • Made in india - Made in Noida
  • Economic Price Range in term of high quality design.