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    Hot And Cool Solar Air Conditioner 59,000.00

    Dual function hot and cold solar air conditioners are advanced HVAC systems that provide both heating and cooling functionality in a single device. These types of systems typically use a refrigerant cycle to transfer heat energy between different components within the system, either drawing heat out of the cold side during cooling or absorbing heat from the hot side during heating. Dual function air conditioners can be extremely efficient and cost-effective, as they eliminate the need to have separate units for heating and cooling.

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    Solar AC 46,000.00

    Running Watt : 500

    Voltage Range: 140-300V

    Run With Solar Panel As Well As Grid

  • Solar AC With Panel 550 Watt 90,000.00

    Actual Solar Air Conditioner

    Direct on solar
    Day time solar night time on grid
    Can Install in flats/high rise buildings, villas hotel , hospital

    Package part –
    Indoor ,Outdoor , Wire , Structure, Solar Panel , Mannual etc

    Actual Solar Air Conditioner, 1.5THp AC

    Solar Air Conditioner watt 550watt

    Volt -220

    Battery:- No requirement


    Solar Air Conditioner With Magnetic Motion Compressor & Pro- Technology.

    It Can Run On –

    • Direct Solar
    • Solar PCU
    • Inverter  24 Volt Battery

    Specification :

    • Cooling Capacity BTU : 18000
    • Starting Current Ampere : 0.5
    • Running Current Ampere : Min0.2-Max4.5
    • Air Flow : 450/754
    • Refrigerant : R32
    • Per Hour Unit Consumption : 0.5
    • Compressor Magnetic/Vibratic   : BLDC MGM Recip/Rotary
    • Air Filter : Hepa /Ionized

    Indoor Unit Dimension : 800×360×295

    Net Weight : 40 Kg

    Outdoor Unit Dimension : 500×220

    Net Weight : 35 Kg.


    Warranty : 5 Year Warranty On Compressor

    35 Year On Panel

    *Complete Installation & Panel Fitting Charge At The Time Of Installation is  Rs 9000/- Extra

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