10 HP Solar Aatta Chakki


Capacity 10 Hp Solar Plant for Atta Chakki
Motor Power 10 HP
Power Consumption 7.5 Kw
Operation Mode Automatic
Material of Construction Mild Steel
Usage/Application Commercial
Electricity Connection Three Phase
Stone Size 24 inch
Warranty 7-12 months, 25 years
Certification ISI
Operating Speed 940 RPM
Design Customized
After Sales Service Yes
I Deal In New Only
Material Mild Steel
Type Stone Floor Mill
Model Name/Number 10 Hp Solar Plant For Atta Chakki
Country of Origin Made in India

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Solar atta Chakki is a atta chakki / flour mill which uses electricity produced by sun as a source of energy. Today we will talk about how we can earn 50000 to 60000 rupees a month with a mere comfort of 4 to 5 lakh rupees. Solar energy based flour mill is a great option for this.

Solar energy based flour mill mainly consists of 6 parts.

1) Flour Mill.

2) Motor.

3) Solar panel.

4) Solar drive or vfd drive.

5) Solar panel stand.

6) Wiring.

The first main part of this plant is the flour mill. Friends, remember that at least 20 inch flour mill should be set up so that you can make 10 to 15 quintals of flour a day. It will give you a profit of 2000 to 2500 rupees daily.

The second part of solar energy based flour mill is motor, you can install 10 horsepower motor to run 20 inch to 24 inch flour mill. When choosing a motor, remember to always have a good company motor, and tell the shopkeeper that we have to operate the motor from the solar panel, so that the shopkeeper will give you a motor with less jerk load. The motor with low jerk load gives very good performance on the solar panel.

The most expensive part of the solar flour mill is the solar panel. With the solar panel, you make electricity to run your flour mill. There are several types of solar panels, mainly polycrystalline, mono crystalline, mono perc, bi-facial. We should keep in mind that while choosing solar panel technology, our solar panel should give us maximum power for 12 months of the year. So that we do not face any difficulty in running a mill and for this the choice of mono perk solar panel is a better and cheaper option. Which does not spend much and also provides electricity. By the way bi-facial solar panels can also be installed. bi-facial solar panels generate power from both sides while mono-facial solar panels generate electricity from only one side. But still I would advise all of you friends that you should install mono-facial mono perk solar panel only. Because on one hand these panels will not increase your budget much and on the other hand it is easy to install them. If we talk about bi-facial panel, then installing these panels is a long term advantage, but due to the higher initial cost, this option is out of consideration for most people.

You have to keep in mind that you should always install 2 to 3 kilo watt panels from the same hp motor as if you have 10 kW solar panels on 7.5 Hp motor and 12 kW panels on 10 Hp motor Apply this so that if the sun gets less or more, then your grinder motor will not sit and your flour will be crushed well.

Number four comes the solar VFD drive, which we can also call solar drive. The job of solar drive is to convert the DC power generated from your solar panel into AC power that can be run by the motor. While buying this drive, remember that you buy a drive of good make and always install a solar drive larger than the Hp motor you have installed. For example, if the motor of your mill is 10 Hp, then you should drive only 15 Hp, because of this, if your motor ever gets too much turbulence, it will not stop.

At number five comes the solar panel mounting structure or, in simple words, the solar panel stand. The solar panel stand is an important part of the solar power plant that controls the power output of your solar plant to a great extent if you do not install the solar panel stand in the right direction and the right degree, then your solar power plant will not generate full power and You will suffer an unfair loss. The solar panel should always be placed in the south direction and it should also be kept in place that it should be installed at the right degree so that your plant can produce better power in less panel.

*Shipping & Installation Charges Will Be Taken Extra For All Product At The Time Of Delivery Of Products If Not Taken At The Time Of Purchase

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